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Legacy High School, MISD

College, Career and Military Readiness (CCMR)

Legacy's CCMR program helps define and drive students to create and implement a plan for after high school. This preparatory program allows students to make decisions and create opportunities that many fear may be beyond their reach. The Legacy CCMR Coordinator knows that not all students are bound for a traditional path and wants to provide All students with options that will lead to self-sufficiency and independence. 

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What can Legacy's CCMR help you with?

Mrs. Wimberley is here to help you, and if she doesnt know she will find out!

Legacy's CCMR is constantly looking for new ways to help YOU succeed, come by, or email, and let's talk about YOU!

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TSIA 2  Texas Success Initiative Assessment

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment is a qualification or placement assessment for starting college. This assessment allows students to enter college through a Dual Credit system while in high school or helps start a student in most Texas colleges after they have graduated from high school. 
I know no one wants to take another test, but there are 2 great reasons to take the TSIA 2; its cheap (compared to the ACT or SAT), and it tells you where you need tutoring if you don't reach the goal (allowing for true growth)

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FAFSA/ TASFA Differences

(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

(Texas Application for State Financial Aid)

Most of us could use financial support when we see how much a formal secondary education cost. 
Through the FAFSA or TASFA you can work with your institution to get that financial assistance.

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FAFSA and TASFA ID and Application

The truth is that starting with the 2022 graduates The State of Texas plans on requiring all students to fill out the FAFSA or TASFA for graduation requirements. While there are deadlines for filling out forms, there is nothing wrong with getting at least your FAFSA ID created.

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3 Paths Endless Opportunities 

While these are the 3 paths laid out in the name of the program, who is to stop you from creating your own path. Visit Mrs.Wimberely and see if she can help you take control of your own destiny.

Open Book

College/ University/ Technical School

If you are looking to increase your formal knowledge, find out what secondary education can look like. Sit down and discuss what YOU want and how you envision your life in College dreams. Degrees, campus life, local and of course scholarships.

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Vanessa Wimberley

Welcome to the CCMR page for Legacy High School. 

I hope that through communication, research, and trust the students at Legacy will come to recognize that I do not have an agenda concerning their future, I just want them to have as many opportunities as possible. I learned from my own teen years just how hard it is to see how one can make it out being 'successful". Yet I also learned that anyone can make their path, it just may not be paved. 

My husband is also a teacher here at Legacy and our children (5 of them) are between the ages of 24-12 years of age. I think the teen years are; amazing, scary, and show our older selves that anything can happen, based on many factors but the largest being our determination or GRIT. 

Contact me and let's talk, (Parents that means you too)!

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